Integration of SAP SD and SAP HR

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Integration of SAP SD and SAP HR

Post by career on Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:48 pm

Is there any integration between SD module and HR module?

1) Primary Relationship : Enterprise Structure : the highest level of the HR module is Enterprise Structure and this is the base for every module.

While implementing SAP for the companies all the consultants of various modules sit together and identify the elements of enterprise structure from their point of view and form a common code for their various terminlogies.

Let us say Personnela Area ::::::: Human Resource
Plant ::::::: MM and PP
Sales organisation ::::::: SD

Like this for the same area we do address with several names from different SAP Modules.

For this Common Area we take a common code let us say 1000.

So the highest level of organisation after the company code is identified.

Next to this step Our responsibility is to identify "Personnel Sub Areas"

It is a division or Department below the level of personnel area.

From SD module below the sales organisation distibution channela and divisions will come. Also the sales Areas . these are all assigned to the Sales organisation. And we know sales organisation has to be assigned to the Company Code.

Meas From HR Personnel area = Sales Org in SD
Personnel Subar = Distibution channel , Division

To identify which is the common terminology for personnel subarea, we need to identify the reporting structure of the company and its accountability at each level .


Like this maintaining the relationship at enterprise structure level shuold be done

2) Seconday Relationship (Indirect Relationships):

Sales areas are assigned to another sales areas. Here many to many relationships are maintained rather than many to one ( many Sales orgs to one company code) of primany relationships.

Here we should be very keen From H R point of view to identify personnel sub areas.

At the same time we should keep in mind the functionality of cost center also while framing the structure .

3) Employee relationships :
HR Point of view:
Once we identify the employee groups in the company like permanent, contracts, temporary , trainee etc., we do focus on Employee Sub Groups.

SD Point of view :

If the employee is at TRAINEE or PERMANENT or TEMPORARY has to be decided and accordingly should be assigned on recruitment at org assignemnt infotype 0001.

We aslo know that infotype 0900 may also be initiated for maintaining the master data of employee at PA 30 to assign sales
organisation,Sales Office, Sales Groups to each employee.

4) Recruitment : We at HR have to identify the position and declare it as vacancy then we can recruit as per our procedure as every body knows.

Other wise go to the transcation code PAL1 and creat sales representative and assign him to respective org div through 0001 infotype. PAL3,PAL4 also may be useful.

Like this at enterprise structure and employee structure HR and SD share common ideas.


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